Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our nephew Nate is a really simple kid, just give him his Papa's shoes to play with.
Before it got really, really hot, we went exploring with the kids.

And we found the playground!

Maybe Nate will grow up climbing mountains too!

The Coke machine is in disguise!
At Fort Wilderness, you will see some wildlife!

The lake next to Fort Wilderness is also next to The Wilderness Resort, The Contemporary Resort, and The Magic Kingdom. It is all one boat ride away.

We got off at the Wilderness Resort to look around.

The water in this waterfall feeds into the pool. It comes all the way from inside the hotel.

I believe that this map is of Utah. It had a lot referencing to Powells on the map like a mountain and a lake. Chris's grandmother was a Powell.

An Indian Head-dress

The kids were getting tired after all the walking we made them do.
And it was turning into a really really hot day.

We stopped outside for a snack and water break. While we were there, we were surrounded by birds. Actually one bird flew right into Nate and grabbed his cracker right out of his hand. I'm afraid that birds are now on his bad list.

And we go back to the lake, back to Fort Wilderness, back to the pool.

We didn't get any pictures for Sunday night. We went to Chip and Dale's campfire sing-a-long. I believe that every kid there got to meet Chip and Dale. We stayed after the sing-a-long for the movie Bolt. It was a good movie, even though it was interrupted a couple of times by other kids being loud, people dragging coolers along the gravel covered ground, and by the announcement of a lost child. They did eventually find that lost child. He had went back to thier campsite without letting his parents know. At least that's what I overheard. But for a free movie, you cannot beat it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009

We went to Disney World's Fort Wilderness courtesy of my husband's parents and thier camper. The kids went down with the grandparents and the camper and DH and I followed down the next day. We arrived there Saturday after lunch with the urgent request to get on down to the pool. It had a water slide. None of us had ever been on a water slide. Well, almost none. DH and I did have a childhod of going at least once to Holiday Beach in Douglas Ga back in the 1980's. But after sliding down a water slide or two and getting water down my nose, I didn't go back and stayed at the pond. I don't know about DH since all that is lodged in the very back of his brain. He does recall going down one or two.

Back to the current year, we arrived on June 13 and had a very fun time. I swear that we went to the pool at least once if not twice on every day until Tuesday, when we had to return home.

Chris's sister Julie watched the two boys here at the kiddy pool. The two boys were my son Josh and her son Nate.

While my two daughters Katie and Allie and I went to swim at the big pool with the big water slide.
My son Josh: